Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Say To Do, I Say To Don't

Anyone who has ever had too much to do can appreciate the value of the “To Do” list. Personally, if I don’t have a “To Do” list, nothing gets done. Seriously. The first item on my “To Do” list is to “Make a To Do” list just so I have something to cross off the list – thank you, daughter for this tip! I have tried, many times, to manage the list electronically but, I found, I needed a paper “To Do” list item to prompt me to check my electronic device…this is nonsense. So, to avoid the nonsense, and to save what’s left of my sanity, I keep my list the old fashioned way, on paper.

Now, many companies have made a lot of money on fancy-schmancy methods of managing a simple list.... and again, I call, nonsense..all you really need is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil…if you want to get a little more sophisticated, I have seen paper that is compartmentalized by the type of thing you want to remember…. ”Tasks”, “Errands” etc… There is a cute version of this type of list at The site offers a lot of other funny, but useful, things as well. There is something so energizing about crossing an item off your to-do list, don’t you think?

Many recipes require a lot of ingredients (I have a cookbook – somewhere – called “5 Ingredients or Less” and I’ll have to put “Look for the 5 Ingredients or Less cookbook” on my To Do list) and making a list to bring to the grocery store is the only way to ensure that you won’t be caught ingredientless while making your desired dish. Additionally, if you are preparing for a dinner party, you will, do doubt, need a list of stuff to do/buy to prepare for the festivities…invite guests, plan menu, buy ingredients, clean the house, buy flowers, make ice, etc… and one very important item on my to-do when I host a dinner party…wine! Lists also come in handy when preparing for a trip because it really would be inconvenient to be away from home without your underwear…not that I have personally ever experienced this…I’m just saying. Like, next week, I will be in Boston, so I will have to prepare a list so I don't forget my underwear anything.

For those of you who don’t believe in the value of the “To Do” list or who are happier putting off until tomorrow what you could or should do today (in other words, a procrastinator and you know who you are) there is the “To Don’t” list, but, as you will most certainly note, if you record anything at all on your “To Don’t” list, you are, indeed, making a list…and so, the cycle continues.

Mis amigos están de you all are stuck reading about "To Do" lists this week...we go to see Buddy (the Cake Boss) on Saturday and will update you on the escapade! Back to our Tuesday night affair the week after next.


Auntie Lenie said...

Have fun with the Cake Boss! Last night I made a giant layer cake for a going away party for a friend at work. Nothing fancy like the boss makes, just BIG! See you next week. Adios!

KnitOne, PearlOnion said...

We will have a great time, thanks! If you send me pictures of your culinary creations and/or recipes, I will will happily post them!