Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lily of the Valley

Last week, I talked about my Lilac tree and another just-as-pleasant spring reward for enduring the winter is Lily of the Valley. Equally as fragrant as the Lilac, I am always amazed that a tiny flower produces such a robust scent. If you have a bunch displayed, you can usually enjoy a whiff from a few feet away. My garden is happily filled with these little bells!

A great way to persuade the scent of this petite botanic beauty to permeate through the air is to arrange them in a door knob vase! To make, poke two holes in an aluminum can, run a pretty ribbon through the holes, half fill the container with water, add a bunch of Lily of the Valley and hang the re-purposed can off of a door knob…every time you open or close the door, the scent will waft through the air. Here, I reused a ribbon from a store shopping bag (thank you Ann Taylor!) before I recycled the bag. How lovely!


Anonymous said...

Love the door knob vase idea.

Cathy said...

The door knob vase is a great way to recycle... cans and those paper bags we get from boutiques.