Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Wedding Day

Since both Older Daughter and new Son-in-Law work at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, it seemed only fitting to post this on the 4th of July!

Back in early 2014, Older Daughter’s boyfriend asked me if he could marry her.  Of course, I said yes (actually, I screeched with delight) and in May of 2014 the happy couple became engaged.
Thus began a year of planning, tastings, shopping, fittings, some anxiety but mostly sheer happiness as we eagerly waited for the wonderful day to arrive.

We did the things that a bride-to-be and her mother do.  We purchased bridal magazines and, much to our delight, we both dog-eared the same dress in the same magazine we each purchased separately.  It’s a a lovely dress, from a designer in London, Ellis Bridal, and the search began for a bridal shop in the United States that carried the collection.  We found one in Sewell, NJ, The Bridal Manor and after trying on two or three other dresses from the same designer, Older Daughter chose the very gown we each swooned over in the magazine.
While in London this past Fall, I purchased a small hair comb for her to wear on her wedding day, a replica of a crown jewel, determined that Older Daughter would bring some bling to the day….she did, with the comb and her Kate Spade shoe choice!  Just beautiful.
I’d like to say that we toured several reception facilities but we didn’t….we considered a few but looked at only one — The Mansion at Ridley Creek State Park — and we knew it was just the perfect enchanting, magical spot for this special day.

A story about the caterer…..back in 2013 when I working with NorthEast Boston Terrier Rescue, a lovely woman named Liz, visited for the required home inspection.  As we got talking, I learned she owned a catering company.  I was delighted to see that her company, Sage Catering, was on the approved caterer list at Ridley Creek….a perfect choice. Below are our selections from the tasting!
In April, 2015, we threw Older Daughter a very special, themed bridal shower based around the movie, “That Thing You Do.” You can read about the shower here.
Then there was the Beachlorette Party….a gaggle of girls rented a Sea Isle shore house for the weekend.  Somehow they all survived!
The day finally arrived, June 12, 2015.  For a year, we prayed for a rain-free day, but we forget to include low humidity in the divine request. It was perhaps the hottest, most humid day of 2015 to date, but, nonetheless, it was lovely.   A very dear friend of our family is the Mayor of Swarthmore, and the couple asked him to officiate their ceremony.  A choice made even more special by the little stories sprinkled among his celebratory, light-hearted and sincere words, including a reference to a pink Barbie Ferrari! The vows, written by the bride and groom, were both humorous and heartfelt.  It was wonderful.

The stunning bride glowed, the handsome groom was simply gleeful and the proud parents beamed with pride! All of these moments captured quite beautifully by the photographer, Amy Tucker (and a very talented amateur photographer at love, kate photography). The venue was picture-perfect, quaint and quite charming and the food was outstanding….one choice, the top sirloin, was cooked to perfection!!

The fabric of the Mother-of-the-Bride dress is Marimekko and was made by the talented Emily of Compendium Boutique in Swarthmore.  The bridesmaids dresses are JCrew and the groom and groomsmen wore suits from Men’s Warehouse.

Everyone dined, danced, drank and prattled the night away and it could not have been more perfect.  

The couple honeymooned in London.  My daughter has always been fascinated with all things English (I am amazed at the information that just rolls-off-her-tongue about the Royals, British history, literature, and regalia in general) so a honeymoon is London seemed quite proper.  Cheerio!
Friday evening, June 12, 2015 was one of the most joyful days of my life, second only to the births of my two beautiful daughters.  When a beloved daughter gets married, sometimes pictures tell the story far better than words and I hope you enjoy this photo journey!