Sunday, May 2, 2010


As anticipated, the “Cake Boss” show was amazing. Mix a beautiful venue, an enthusiastic crowd and a charismatic speaker and how can an evening be anything but fantastic! Buddy engaged the audience by inviting some to come up to decorate cupcakes with techniques that he quickly demonstrated… the rest of he audience voted on the best cake-boss-want-to-be. He told stories about his Italian family and how his dad got started in the bakery business and his dream of someday making the bakery a household name (mission accomplished, my friend!). Family is vital to Buddy and he talked about his mom and grandmom and his memory of making gravy and meatballs and he introduced us to his lovely wife and delightful children, Sophia and Buddy. Buddy told us how touched he was when a 17 year old girl dying of cancer asked to make a cake with him as her “Make a Wish” dream…what a nice guy.

While telling funny stories about the antics in the bakery, Buddy mused “you can’t make this shit up!” Working in HR, I often think the same thing… workplace situations, many times, provide endless fodder, and watching the show not only provides familiar and comforting comic relief, but reinforces my belief that a little levity is good and healthy in our work environments.

Carlo's Bakery will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in mid-June with a huge event, complete with cannolis and a street closing…I bet you can’t guess who will be there!

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Cathy said...

It WAS a lot of fun.