Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yearning yarns! Make something with me, please!

I now have both yarns to begin the sweater….a beautiful anny blatt “Fine Kid” Callisto Mohair blend (France) and an equally beautiful Louisa Harding Black
Merino and Cashmere blend (Italy). The pattern calls for knitting the two wools together using US size 13 needles. The instructions call for knitting in all garter stitch and classifies this as an “easy” pattern…we’ll see, they’ve never met me.

I began the sweater by casting on the requisite number of stitches and will need accomplished knitter to show me exactly how the pattern wants me to decrease as I work towards the top (knitting lingo can be confusing sometimes, at least to me). This is a cropped sweater, with ¾ length sleeves, so once I get started, it should go rather quickly. Quickly is a relative term in my knitting world.

I am getting better at figuring out how to correct mistakes and often refer to “Stitch ‘N Bitch, The Knitter’s Handbook” by Debbie Stoller. This is an informative and entertaining book with amusing pictures and handy step-by-step graphics that a knitter at any level would find useful for reference purposes. Stoller includes patterns and links to knitting sites as well. I don't seem to need a reference source for the bitching part.

For me, this is quite an ambitious project (a piece of cake for some other knitters) but I am determined to have a lovely, hand-knit sweater to wear this fall. Hopefully, I will be able to post an update with a picture in a few days.

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Cathy said...

Very interesting..can't wait to see the sweater.