Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Side Fringe Scarf

Younger Daughter visited Swarthmore's local knitting store Finely, A Knitting Party and while there, she saw a side-fringed scarf. This fancy feature was achieved by pulling stitches out from the side of the scarf once fully knitted. She bought the required balls of yarn, a chunky Berecco "Sundae,"
in a variegated cobalt blue -- Snozzberry -- and proceeded to explain the look to me. Getting a headache and unable to completely comprehend how one might attempt such an undertaking, I handed her my size 13 needles, she casted on 20 stitches and she knitted....and knitted. Since this was a chunky yarn and rather large needles, the knitting went quite quickly.

When the mysterious creation was about 36" long (all knit stitches) we moseyed on back to the knitting store where Natalie, the shop's very helpful and capable knitting assistant, explained what daughter had to do next.

1. Bind off 14 to 16 stitches depending on how long you want your fringes.
2. Secure the bound off stitches.
3. Begin to unravel the unbound stitches working from the middle of the row to the edge of the row....from the inside to the outside.
4. Repeat Step 3, working your way down the scarf to the last row.
5. Like magic.... You have a side fringed scarf!
6. Enjoy!

With wear, the fringes will tighten up so don't bind off too many stitches in Step 1. I think Younger Daughter did a fantastic job...great University of Delaware color too. What we thought would be fairly insurmountable, turned out to be quite doable. Great project for an advanced beginner or intermediate knitter.


Carol at Serendipity said...

This is a very neat scarf. Your daughter did a wonderful job. I am in a knitting mode now. I hope to post a blag about it but I am so busy knitting!


Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS!!! Be prepared to show me how TONIGHT!!!!

KnitOne, PearlOnion said...

@ Carol...I'd love to see what you are knitting. You should write a "progress post." @ Anonymous...we will be happy to show you but maybe before we have wine ;).

Marysol said...

She picked a wonderful color yarn for her scarf!

Under a cousin's tutelage, I learned basic knitting. My very first project was a headband and I was so darn proud of it, I wore it everywhere, whether it matched my outfit or not.