Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions vs. Goals

We all make resolutions for each New Year. I have a few and they seem realistic, doable. We approach them with the best of intentions and hope that by the end of the year we can reflect back with success. Besides the Dutch oven I vow to acquire in 2012, here are my other (modest) resolutions or goals:

1. I will bring my lunch at least three days per week and put $5 in my piggy bank for each day I do. By my calculations, based on 20 working days in a month, that piggy will be stuffed with about $720 by this time next year. It’s not really a piggy bank, it’s a coffee can that I duct tape shut so I can’t easily raid it, but that’s a detail.

2. I will finish the knitting projects I have on the needles and I will complete the new projects I start. I think my projects may be too ambitious or perhaps (and more likely) I’m just a procrastiknitter or lazy or both.

3. I will continue practicing Yoga and ZUMBA…I like the variety and I have met some wonderful people. I should mention that I am not very coordinated and this makes for an interesting ZUMBA experience and I cannot hold the tree pose without some possible limb pruning.

4. I will throw a decent bowl on the pottery wheel! I will do my best to keep more clay on the wheel than on me because I suspect the clay is fundamental to the bowl-making process.

5. And finally, I will read more books and blog about those I like. Here’s some on my hopeful list:
• “The Table Comes First: Family, France and the Meaning of Food” by Adam Gopnik. I heard this guy speak and he’s a riot.
• “Nudge” by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein because it’s never too late to be inspired to make better choices.
“Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. If you saw Serendipity, that’s basically the gist of this book …believe in happy accidents and that fate will eventually intervene.

What’s the difference between a resolution and a goal anyway? Let’s find out, shall we?


Moogie said...

Wow.... you are way more ambitious than I am. I live for the moment. Have a great new year.

Carol at Serendipity said...

I have a similar list. I start these marvelous, intricate projects and either make a mistake (groan) or hate the amount of time it is going to take. So I am going to try to simplify what I start. I am going to give some of my yarn to a knitting friend who knows knitters who need yarn and then I am going to stay out of the stores for a while!!!!!

Happy New Year!


KnitOne, PearlOnion said...

@ Moogie...I wish I could be more relaxed about life! @ Carol...I hope you are enjoying Florida. I thought about giving away my yarn to a more prolific knitter, but I just couldn't do it! -- Joann

Marysol said...

I didn't know you were a potter.
Pottery is something that's always fascinated me. However, being a neat freak I envision myself up to my eyeballs in mud, and quickly turn the page and move on; it's a curse.

Happy New Year!

KnitOne, PearlOnion said...

Yes, I am a better "builder" than "thrower" but I hope to at least throw a decent sized bowl this year. I will post photos of some pieces I built using a bowl from Italy as inspiration! We return to class next week! --Joann