Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sprinkle, Sprinkle

Here's an easy way to keep confectioners sugar handy so that you can quickly and easily dress up your baked goods.

Once you are finished using the spices in a spice know, the kind with the smaler holes on the top and you can flip the lid down...wash it and dry it thoroughly.

Fill it with confectioners sugar.

Sprinkle away!

Store the unused portion in the frig for the next time a baked good needs a quick dress-up party! You can use the same trick for flour to make flouring a cake pan easy and less messy - one of my least favorite jobs!

Yet another way to ReCyClE an ordinary object and avoid buying a special tool! Plus, you're only sprinkling the amount you need so no waste! don't always need to use flour when coating a cake pan...if you are making a box cake, some of the dry cake mix will work too!

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