Saturday, November 6, 2010


We are in now full autumnal jollity….baseball season is over, we were delighted with our Halloween ghost and goblin visitors, and Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is just around the corner. The leaves on the tree tell the story best…..

The tree in front of my house with its beautiful gold and rust leaves…

…the same tree after a windy buzz cut (remember the flowbee???)…

…and here they land (well, not all by themselves in a nice, neat little pile – that would be wonderful indeed…a human wielding a rake intervened. Heaven forbid we use a leaf blower and instigate another round of letters to the editor of the Swarthmorean).

We had dinner at the architect’s house on Tuesday and she made Malfatti, which is a spinach and cheese dumpling. The word means “badly (mal) done (fatti)", but these were very tasty….kind of like eating pasta, but because they are made with fresh spinach, Ricotta cheese, bread crumbs, and eggs they are extremely light. She served them with a sage butter sauce, and a salad. I picked up pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting for dessert from a shop in Wilmington.....we suspect they were inspired by the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe so I post that link below. After dinner, we watched the election results…I won’t comment further.

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

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