Monday, November 8, 2010

The Chick Loves Farro

So, I'm driving home from a work function the other day and my daughter sends me a says...."Guess who's at the Borders? Lisa Scottoline." Remember the weak-in-the-knees episode involving Cake Boss Buddy, well, this was equally debilitating. I composed myself, drove to the Media/Swarthmore exit of the Blue Route, and headed east on Baltimore Pike, turned right into the parking lot and proceeded straight to Borders where Lisa was amusing the crowd with her stories and signing books. I gave her a hug and we had a nice little chat about her last book "Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog"....I told Lisa that if she ever sees me in a white dress with a bouquet of flowers in my hand she should just trip me....she laughed...

No, really.

She signed my book....I am beyond elated.

I was absolutely thrilled to meet Ms. Scottoline...I can only dream about being equally as witty....and charming!

In a recent Chick Wit post, Lisa talked about a trip to a New York -- where her daughter lives -- Italian restaurant where she tried and totally enjoyed a dish made with farro, tomatoes and cheese. Farro, considered the "mother of all grains," is an ancient grain that has a delicious nutty flavor and chewy texture. Italians have enjoyed it for many centuries. I found a recipe for Farro with Roasted Vegetables on and I post the link below....enjoy!

Farro with Roasted Vegetables

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