Friday, October 15, 2010


So, I took on a class at the local Co-op, presented by two very knowledgeable and nice ladies, Laura and Margaret, from Wynnorr Farms in Westtown Township, PA, on how to can fruits and vegetables. It was interesting and I enrolled because I have long been curious about the process (and I am always looking for interesting blog topics). The wonderful goodies we grow all summer long can be yummingly preserved by canning so we can feast on them all fall and winter long. Now, I don’t have an orchard in my back yard, unless you count the poison ivy that produces the most beautiful but certainly inedible berries, so I will have to rely on store bought produce when I try this little experiment. I dutifully bought the handy-dandy 7-piece home canning kit and will turn my kitchen into a laboratory and will write about the process, assuming, of course, that I don’t die of botulism. For now, some photos of the peach jelly making process during class:

Before you do anything, boil the water into which you will submerge the jars once filled.

Pick the prettiest fruit



Mash and mix with pectin

Cook, stiring constantly

Fill jars and place in canner. Boil for recommended time.

Remove from canner. Cool. Enjoy.

On Tuesday, we had dinner at the architect's house and she made Tomato and Lentil Dahl with Toasted Almonds....OMG it was good! It was a cross between a stew and a soup...Rachel Ray would call it a stoup! I will post the recipe on the Recipe Page since it's a bit too long to post here. We also had crispy French Bread, a lovely green salad, and lemon squares for dessert. Of course, we had wine...I have not mentioned the wine we drink in a while because I don't want my dear readers to think we have a problem!

Pssst....look at the lovely bowl the salad is in...hand the Arts Center!

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