Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Night Football

Friday night is high school football night and since my daughter is one of the three Drum Majors for the 400+ piece band, I try to make every game. This week, my architect friends surprised me and joined me in the stands...what a treat! I attach a video of what we enjoy each week...the football team "salutes" the band at the end of each game!

It was a little chilly out on Friday night so we decided to go back to the architect's house and grab a bite to eat and something to warm our innards! She made a left-over pasta frittata and, I have got to say, it was dee-lish! What a great way to use left over pasta.

Pasta Frittata 1/4 pound spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine or other pasta... don’t worry about the sauce, it will just add to the flavor!
Salt and pepper to taste
½ stick of butter or 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
6 eggs
1 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese.
Any herbs you want to throw in!
Place butter in a large nonstick ovenproof skillet, and turn heat to medium-high until it stops bubbling. If you are adding any meat, like pancetta, add it, and cook, stirring occasionally until crisp, 3 to 5 minutes. In large bowl, combine pasta with remaining ingredients, along with salt and pepper. Pour the mixture into the skillet, and turn the heat to medium-low. Use a spoon if necessary to even out the top of the frittata. Cook until mixture firms up on bottom, then transfer to oven. Bake at 350° just until top is set, about 10 minutes. Remove, and serve hot or at room temperature. Yield: 4 to 6servings...if your feeling frisky, you can flip the frittata and continue cooking the other side in the same pan...this is what the architect did -- very skillfully, I might add!

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