Saturday, October 30, 2010

Empty Bowls

Last Sunday, The Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA and the Potter’s Guild hosted their annual Empty Bowls Lunch. Empty Bowls is an international grassroots movement started in 1990 to help organizations raise money and awareness to fight hunger. This is how it works….each year Arts Center faculty, student artists – including the children – and Potter’s Guild members create 500 or so hand-made ceramic soup bowls that guests will eagerly fill with delicious soup choices donated by area chefs. For ten bucks, guests select a lovingly crafted, hand-made ceramic bowl and share a simple meal of soup and bread with friends, family and new friends, previously strangers. I sat with a lovely couple who lives right across the street from the Center and we had a delightful conversation about the event, our children and the gorgeous weather, that I’m sure, contributed to the fantastic turnout. The event’s proceeds benefit food programs in Philadelphia and Chester, PA.

We had dinner at the foodie’s house this past Tuesday and she made the most delicious Savory Chickpea Cakes (I would say that I have ever tasted, but I never had a chickpea cake, so I was both hesitant and intrigued)…I’m so glad that my apprehension to try these beauties – packed with onions, garlic, rosemary, eggs, lemon, breadcrumbs and sesame seeds – did not develop into obstinacy because these were a indeed a treat to the buds (I mention this tentative thing only because I have not always been the most adventurous sort, but I am becoming more audacious as the years move along…I can assure you, however, that I won’t be jumping out of a plane or walking down the aisle again any time soon….). She served them with a homemade tomato jam that is similar to ketchup, but much more textured and flavorful, roasted sweet potatoes, and broccoli. We also had a salad of mixed greens, grapes, pine nuts and blue cheese and cookies for dessert. I post a link to the recipe for the chickpea cakes below and on the “Recipes and Tips” page.

Savory Chickpea Cakes

I continued knitting the side of my sweater and foodie the side of hers and I post a photo of her progress.

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