Sunday, August 22, 2010

Text me, text me, say that you'll text me!

OMG…I thought it would a really fun (not to mention an exercise in persistence) to write a post using text lingo. 404, but I think you will figure it out because GMTA and we are doing this FYA! BION, you might be good at deciphering this stuff, and GF, once you do, it may be FMTYEWTK! BTW, WIBN if we could all would talk F2F, 121 if you will, OTOH, sometimes there is NADT I have to say to some people. Although I could say, 831 to my BF, oh but wait…NM!

If this is TMI then, YBS the next time you get a cryptic txt from a BFF, BWTHDIK! @TEOTD, this is how kids communicate 2day and if the AITR start to do the same, we may see them ROTFL. ?FY, RU totally confused yet? STW if you need help!

Anyway, FWIW this is NFM but, DQMOT, IC the efficiency of it all! IAE, IG2G…W/B if you’d like to add your .02! I’m exhausted!


Image from Google Images.


Cathy said...

This is just wacky :o)

Anonymous said...

Well I must be really behind the times since I couldn't decode half of them!
p.s. Are you taking wheel classes this Fall? I hope so!

KnitOne, PearlOnion said...

Hey Mary...I am taking a building class on Thursday evenings! Will stop by on a Saturday to see you and maybe we can have lunch after class!