Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's a map; no it's an envelope!

I take no credit for this idea and I can’t remember where I saw it (probably Martha Stewart) but it is too fabulous and creative not to share. Here’s a terrific way to RECYCLE all those old maps you have hanging around and save money at the same time…create map envelopes… it’s really easy!

1. Unfold an envelope in the size you want to make….I used a standard, business- size envelope

2. Use the unfolded envelope as a template to trace onto an old map

3. Cut the template out of the map

4. Refold the “map” back into an envelope

5. Glue the flaps. I found that the glue sticks work well.

6. Abracadabra…you’ve got a map envelope….how cool is this?!

My envelope is made with a map of Boston I used during my visit. I bet Rand McNally is pretty pissed with the likes of Saint Garmin (because he and the saint formerly known as Christopher help me to get places) and Tom-Tom right now! Even the fancy GPS options are not always fool-proof...just yesterday, St. Garmin decided to take a mid-day siesta on our way back from a University of Delaware campus visit (even though we had a car charger!)...little daughter and I were left to navigate Newark on our own with no MAP! With the help of the Newark police, we obviously found our way to I95 north and surprisingly, we both remained very calm.

A quick search on Google Maps takes the map-making envelope process a few steps further…search the desired location, a “you are here” prompt will appear, print the map (there is even a “address sticker” choice) and follow the same process. Complete instructions can be found at:
This is not a recycling option, but still a great idea!

Did you know that the first map was drawn in the form of a carved wall-map of Roman streets and dwellings in 200 AD? The first map-makers had practical and geographic familiar goals and would marvel indeed at today's world and technology!

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Cathy said...

This is a great idea and one that I have done with wrapping paper and old magazines as well. When sending birthday cards replace the envelope that came with the card with your homemade one. It's like sending a little present along with the card.