Saturday, August 28, 2010


I had never heard or used the term “yarnophile” (maybe this will become one of those new dictionary words we see pop up from time-to-time like "defriend") until I became acquainted with - through - a newly-formed Portland, Maine-based company called Quince & Co. When I say new, I mean new! In July, two knitwear designers and an owner of a spinning mill, got together and decided to create a company with a focus on spinning American wool from sheep that roam in Montana and Wyoming and using earth-friendly techniques and labor.

The owners, Pam, Carrie and Bob, who admittedly I don’t know personally but refer to familiarly because their story is a rather inspiring adventure, are, respectively, a knitter/writer, a knitter/photographer and a business owner/historic building rescuer. All of the lovely wool and wool-blend yarns offered at Quince & Co. are spun in a New England mill allowing the trio to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by sourcing (as much as possible) and spinning wool locally…love hearing good stories about responsible commercial citizens, don't you?!

In addition to beautifully photographed yarns offered in nature-inspired colors such as twig, egret, and chanterelle, the site offers lovely and airy patterns that any knitter would happily want to wear and make for their loved ones…in their words, they like “projects that are utilitarian and friendly—the sweater you reach for when you pour a cup of tea or grab the dog’s leash for a walk. But we also like the precious, labor-of-love, little jewel of a knitted accessory, too—a cabled mitt, a dainty lace kerchief—you know the kind of thing.”

You can visit their charming website at Quince & Co and, with autumn just a short 25 days away, begin to think about purchasing some beautiful, American-spun yarn for your fall and winter projects. We’ll avoid any conversation about my knitting project(s) right now…..I am still committed to having a hand-knit (by me) sweater to wear this fall…I promise. Anyway, I've never been to Portland, but it looks like a delightful part of the world and I will certainly stop in to say hi if I am ever lucky enough to visit.

Photo from Quince & Co.

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Cathy said...

I love their entrepreneurial spirit. The photography on their website and their yarn is beautiful. Almost makes me want to become a knitter. But alas, I have two left hands. Which would be a good thing if I were left-handed.