Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Solstice Shenanigans

In my humble opinion, one of the best things about summer is the opportunity to barbeque. I know that this is an activity that one can do all winter long, but it’s no fun freezing your ass off drinking a beer while a steak sizzles on the grill…I’m just saying. What makes summer barbeque fare even better is barbeque that is not only a verb but a noun…as in a party. Better yet, a party to welcome summer, as in a Summer Solstice party.

Such was the case at my house this past Saturday…we gathered, as the name of the post suggests, to partake in some shenanigans with the Irish side of my family. We had a grand time (I borrowed this term from my cute talented Irish contractor) even though the crowd was a bit abbreviated - some of us were in Ireland…rascals! Anyway, we had some fabulous grilled stuff – gorgonzola cheese burgers, chicken/spinach/feta sausage, bratwurst, hot dogs (that were very well done), Becky Beans (so named for my Aunt Becky), corn-on-the-cob, and of course the standard cold salads. We had the most fabulous desserts that were happily contributed by our guests, including a special delivery of chocolate dipped strawberries sent by a cousin who could not attend. My sister saw this idea in a magazine and made these adorable little centerpieces that included a single gerbera daisy in a plastic take out cup…very clever, cute, and colorful!

We were our usual jovial selves (some would say loud and obnoxious)…reminiscing, taunting and teasing each other, and playing games, including one to name this blog post…the first runner up…“Mojitos Lead to Cheating” (which gives you a hint about one of the libations of choice - perhaps that would explain some of the shenanigans!) and the winner is….

It was great to see everyone…it was really a lot of fun!

© JMW 2010