Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pond(er) This!

Last night we had dinner at the architect’s house and we had a beautifully presented meal….grilled scallops that were marinated in olive oil and lemon juice, served on a bed of risotto topped with asparagus and grated Asiago cheese. To complement this wonderful meal, we had a very buttery and crisp chardonnay from California, Muirwood, and of course, the thyme ice cream for dessert.
Before dinner, we sat in the architect’s beautiful yard in which she installed a pond, complete with a working pump and a mini waterfall. It was lovely and listening to the sounds of a babbling (albeit man made) brook was very peaceful. I can’t wait for the fish to arrive (I hope one doesn’t appear on our plates for dinner) and for the pond’s foliage to mature.

A (very) little and elementary tutorial on how to build a backyard pond:
1. Outline the pond and dig it out
2. Sink the pond tub or liner
3. Weigh down the tub or liner with rocks
4. Install a pump to circulate and filter the water
5. Fill with water
6. Place decorative rocks in and around the pond and decorate with pond-appropriate plant life, or water lilies. Add fish if you'd like.
7. Scatter comfortable chairs around, crack open your favorite libation and enjoy your pond.

Pond update...a little more grown in....with fish!

During dinner, the architect told us a story….one fine day as she approached the Easy Pass toll booth on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, she decided that the sensor would be strong enough to be read through the glove compartment. When her plan was foiled, to avoid being featured on one of those riveting police chase shows and to maintain her law abiding citizen status, what does she do…..she parks the car – on the PA TURNPIKE – (finally) takes the Easy Pass sensor out of the glove compartment, and walks up to and waives the pass under the sensor to activate the “Toll Paid” message. I only wish I could have been there to witness this little escapade and to take pictures (not to mention eavesdrop on the attendant’s comments)! She said to me…”don’t put this in the blog” and her daughter said “oh no, please do.” You’re welcome, daughter.

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The daughter said...

bahahahahahahaha, thanks for putting this up. I feel like this story kind of sums up my mother's awesomeness. :P