Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Sweater Story

Ok, so here's the deal...the progress on the sweater is, regrettably, slow but I am giving myself a break for a variety of reasons (not the least of which is apprehension!). I decided that I needed some motivational speak to get me purling again so here are my inspirational reasons to pick up my needles and knit more frequently:

No one will have a sweater like mine (and I am being very generous when I say this because, perhaps, no one will WANT a sweater like mine);

I would pay much more for a hand-knit, fine wool sweater if purchased retail (the retail transaction, however, would be much more efficient);

The process of knitting actually calms me down (the stress of my self-imposed deadline may kill me);

I am perfecting a craft, a knitting apprentice of sorts (thank goodness I did not choose to dabble in electricity);

And finally, however speedy the retail transaction, I will be so pleased with my hand-knit garment and amazed with proud of myself for finishing it (I will wear this sweater, damn it!).

I am now newly inspired (I think). I post a picture of my progress so far. What you see is the beginning of the back.

Stop laughing.


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