Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It starts with a hunk of clay!

With each post, we hope to reveal a little more about each of us. For instance, accomplished knitter works at a local arts center and we thought it would be fun show you how some of the lovely pieces in which we serve our culinary creations are made. It is actually a fascinating process, not quite as romantic as Demi and Patrick suggest, but interesting nonetheless:

The process of throwing a piece of clay:

Cut a hunk of clay

Center the clay on the wheel

Make an opening

Widen the opening

Pull the walls up and out

Shape the piece

Cut from bat and let dry

Trim the base

Send to kiln

Dip the bisque piece and fire it

Finished pieces!

Note: We would be thrilled if Patrick visited the center and maybe preformed a dirty little dance for could happen (he has wings now, you know)!

Tonight we had Butternut Squash Enchiladas, with orange, avocado, and lambs lettuce salad and blood orange fruit salad with pistachio gelato for dessert. The recipe for the enchiladas called for boiling the butternut squash and then mashing and mixing with the other ingredients that included sauteed onions and minced garlic, spices, etc....Instead of boiling, we opted to bake the squash with whole garlic gloves and we mashed the two together (it look almost too beautiful to mash!)...what developed was a delicious detour from the original recipe! Don't be afraid to take chances with your will surprise yourself and delight those who will most eagerly devour your epicurean experiments!

We sat and knitted our projects (hats) and it was unanimously determined that timid knitter has been elevated to half-baked knitter. We are told that “baked” may mean something different than we intend, but for our purposes, we mean “intermediate.” Oh, the joys of having teenagers to offer new meanings for once innocent words! We will post an updated picture of the baby owl hats this weekend.

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