Saturday, March 20, 2010

Little Mr. Bossy

Watching TV is not high on the priority list for any of us (ok, perhaps one of us has a slight addiction to “Say Yes To The Dress” and “Project Runway”), HOWEVER, The Knitter Formerly Known As Timid, does like to watch Cake Boss. Formerly Timid’s boss told her that when he visited his son in Hoboken, he noticed a loooooong line outside of Carlo's Bakery on Washington Street. Well, let us tell you that Formerly Timid just about went weak in the knees! After composing herself (and despite her obvious envy) she explained the show and why the line was so long!

One day after the weak-in-the-knees episode, the following email appeared in Formerly Timid’s inbox:

“E-Exclusive Pre-Sale: The Cake Boss is Coming!”

Join celebrity baker Buddy Valastro for an evening of cakes, stories, and fun. In this rare live, interactive event, TLC's Cake Boss will share the stories behind his hit series, his colorful Italian family, answer audience questions, and give a live demonstration of the techniques that have made him one of the most successful and renowned cake artists in the nation.

OMG….THE CAKE BOSS IS COMING TO THE THEATRE AT THE HOTEL DUPONT! She immediately (seriously, straight away, without delay, instantly and any other appropriate synonym) called the box office to secure tickets to see this master of confection. Her glee was quite apparent (it was hard to confuse her joyful squealing) to the Box Office attendant who informed her that the tickets were selling like hot (cup) cakes. …in fact, the Theatre later added a second show.

Let us illuminate the allure of the Cake Boss for Formerly Timid. You see, Cake Boss is Italian, and so is Formerly Timid (half Italian, half Irish), so watching him interact with his family and staff (who are also mostly family members) is a familiar and amusing treat (reminiscent of many and memorable family get-togethers). Notwithstanding the heritage hilarity, his creations are amazing and the stories surrounding the cakecapades are very funny (at least to Formerly Timid and her family) and introduce us to the world of fondant, frosting and filling. Among our favorite cakes are the Sesame Street and Fire House cakes and we post a link to the website to view these masterpieces. Although these are very complicated cakes, the more traditional, simpler wedding cakes are absolutely beautiful.


We hope to arrange a little hop to Hoboken to stand in a line outside of Carlo's Bakery….maybe we will be lucky enough to meet the Cake Boss! We'll post an update after the May 1st show! Too exciting!

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