Saturday, September 14, 2013

Deep V Tee

I like writing these posts but since I cook more than I knit, my knitting posts are – shall we say – scarce?  I don’t mean for that to be the case, I really don’t.  I’m just a slow and careful knitter and, as we know by now, I get bored with knitting projects easily.  Not like Foodie who knits lovely garments. Everything she makes is meticulously crafted but she also has a keen eye for the perfect yarn to use; something I have not yet (and may never) master.    

At one of our shindigs, she wore this airy little deep-V tee shirt meant to be made using an earthy hemp-like yarn. Foodie used a linen and cotton slub yarn.  She says she loves the pattern and will probably make another; perfect for layering over sleeveless tops or dresses! The garment is worked from the top down, knitted back and forth, until the “V” and sleeves are complete, then joined and worked in the round.  The pattern is from Caron and was originally published in the Spring 2012 edition of knit.wear.  It can be purchased through here.

Meanwhile, while shopping at one yarn store we like, Slip Knot Knit, in Havertown, PA, we noticed a set of interchangeable circular needles. Using a set of interchangeable needles is a great way to have all the sizes of needles and cords you need just when you need them.  The set comes with various lengths of cords and, of course, several needles sizes.  Here's how a set of interchangeable needles work… you choose the length of cord and needle you need for the project at hand, then you screw the needles into the cord and, just like magic, you got yourself the required tool!  There are even size-specific markers included so you can come back to your project later if you choose to use the needles for another project! The sets are expensive -- about $90 --  but probably a lot cheaper than buying several circular needles in various cord and needle sizes.  Knitter’s Pride and Clover each make a nice set. 

Here is my current project….to be fair to me, I did not like the way a dropped-stitch correction look so I tore this back to row 10 (I was almost to row 50)!  This lovely, lacy little shawl (the kid mohair yarn from Italy has sequins…you know I love the sparkle!) is knitted back and forth on circular needles.  More on this project  that will be perfect for our upcoming fall weather later.

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