Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yarn Potholder

I often wonder what I should do with the bits of yarn I have left over after a project.  Some people make fanciful and colorful shawls or scarves out of the surplus but that sounds like another project to me and we all know about my attention span when it comes to large knitting projects.  Although, I am doing great in sock class and will post “progress” photos in a week or so.

Do you remember making potholders on a metal weaving loom when you were little….I do.  I used to sit for hours thinking up ways to weave unusual patterns but there were never enough loops of the desired color.  Heaven forbid if you wanted to make a monotone potholder!

I’m strolling around the Dollar Store one day and I mosey into the toy section - who knows why - and what should I see but a Weaving Loom, complete with 120 colorful loops, and a weaving hook and instructions (I didn't need those).  It occurs to me that I could weave a potholder using the bits of yarn I have.  So the weaving loom comes home with me.
I only had $1 bills in my wallet so it's a good thing I was in the Dollar Store.

Creating a potholder on a weaving loom using yarn is easy-peasy.  You will want to use a heavier weight yarn or two strands of a lighter weight yarn.  Here’s what you do:

Start in the lower right hand corner and tie a loose knot around the peg.  Weave loosely up and down the loom.

When you get to the lower left, it is time for you to weave across.  Do this the same way you did weaving with those little loops.  Using the weaving hook provided, weave up and under on row 1, under and up on row 2, up and under on row 3, under and up on row 4, and so on...  You might want to place a chopstick or a skewer in the up/under position to make it easier to separate the strands.

 When you have completed your way all the way up the loom, cut the strand of yarn and just leave it be.
Now it’s time to take the loops off the loom.  Starting in the lower right corner, using the weaving hook, lift the first loop off and weave the second loop through it, lift the third loop and weave the third loop through the second loop and so on....

When you get to the end, simply untie the loose knot and pull that strand through the last loop...
... and you got yourself a potholder!  
This is a great craft to do with kids!  I only have Stella the Boston Terrier at home and since she doesn't have opposable thumbs, she wasn't interested in this project.

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OneMom said...

Hello - thanks for posting these instructions. I need a little clarification: when you tie the yarn in the bottom right corner and then around the pegs, that is all one piece of yarn? Also, when you start weaving across (up and under) is that still the same piece of yarn that's tied to the bottom right corner? If it's not, is each strand across a separate piece of yarn? I'm not sure I'm asking these right, I'm not very crafty, but would like to try this. Thanks.