Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Toe Pick

The process of finishing a sock gives new meaning to the term "toe pick" (a reference to the 1992 ice skating movie that older daughter loves, Cutting Edge, in which a hockey player turns pair figure skater due to an injury...not Oscar worthy but mildly entertaining). It's a little difficult to work in such a tiny area with several needles! Too bad that I had to rip it all out....look closely, it's inside-out.  But like every good knitter, it needs to be right, so my knitting teacher ripped the stitches out to the gussett, commonly known as the heel of the sock.  I start again.

Here's what happened.  Basically, I had the inside of the sock facing me while knitting in the round and to achieve the stockinette stitch on the outside of the sock, the outside of the sock had to be facing me while knitting in the round.  I just don't know what I was thinking.  Maybe it was the effects of my recent anesthesia...or maybe I just need to knit more so I recognize a disaster mistake in the making!  Regardless, we learn from our little blunders!

I wanted you to see that I finally did finish one sock....even if it is inside-out!

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