Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Tree

This post is not about food or knitting but it is about acceptance and beauty, things that good friends, good food and a good knitting session all promote.

I just returned from a conference.

I love conferences because however weary one might be feeling before attending, somehow interacting with peers, attending sessions and experiencing something new all seem to naturally invigorate the body and spirit.

We drank too much wine and ate too much food and I did not log my calorie consumption or lack of exercise into “myfitnesspal” when I was away for fear of a virtual scolding that would go something like this:

"If every day were like today, you would weigh 1000 pounds in 5 weeks."

Technology can be so smug sometimes.

I heard many wonderful speakers and one such storyteller was Kenneth Little Hawk.  He is a Native American speaker whose messages are clear and simple, influenced by his traditions and heritage.  He offered some pretty profound commentary, and one remark that resonated with me was that, as people, we are all the same…we may not all look or sound alike, we may wear different clothing and celebrate occasions differently, but, as human beings, we are all the same.   He said, flowers, for instance, come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, heights, and hues, but all are flowers and we appreciate each for their unique beauty and contribution to nature's kaleidoscope.

I have been taking photos of a beautiful maple tree that lives right outside my house for many months.  I am both fascinated and humbled by the stages of seasonal life and wanted to capture nature’s masterpiece on “film.”  As you can see, the tree is magnificent and however different it appears during each season…it is still the same tree.  I share the seasonal photos so you can also enjoy them and take delight in the tree's simple message. 
Spring Tree

 Summer Tree

 Fall Tree

Winter Tree

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