Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Knitted Shrug

Dear readers, I’d like to say right up-front – before anyone becomes faint from downright disbelief – that I did not make this charming little frock. 

I wish I had, but I did not.

It’s from a lovely little boutique in Swarthmore on Chester Road called compendium.  Equally lovely is the shop’s owner, Emily Scott, who greets everyone like she’s known them her whole life.  Daughter and I both feel like her new BFF.  The boutique showcases merchandise from independent and emerging designers, including the shop’s owner. Ms. Scott is introducing these designers, making it possible for them to showcase their goods and for chic-hungry consumers to acquire some beautiful and unique pieces.  To quote younger daughter....”Mom, you can buy me ANYTHING from compendium.  for Christmas!”  A native of North Wilmington, Emily tells me she has been sewing since she was a little girl and from what I can see, that stick-to-it-tiveness has paid off.   

In addition to woman and children’s clothing, the shop also carries handmade shoes, handbags and jewelry and some very eclectic prints and tee-shirts some of which are displayed on repurposed furniture, and you have to love that!

Now let’s discuss this darling little shrug.  It’s from a designer named Kate Blossom.  Kate’s Etsy page says that she loves “to create unique, earthy, ethereal, sometimes edgy, carefree, fun, country, chic, ranch, cottage clothes for women and children…casual, yet with a touch of elegance....with a spirit of the West and of the Irish moors my grandmother came from...” 

What I love most about this piece are the surprises…

the unraveled stitches…

the linen flower….

the lace trimmings….

ribbon embellishments…

…and even the earthy label. 

I am thrilled with this sweater…everything about it!  Today, I am going to "Art in Rittenhouse Square" with sister and best friend since childhood and I am wearing this little number.

Please take the time to visit compendium. and say hello to Emily.  We have to support our artisans so that they can thrive and their talents can inspire and delight others for a long time to come! 



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kate said...

I am happy you love...ask Emily for my email....hugs