Friday, August 24, 2012

Lemonade Muffins

At times, I scour eBay for interesting but affordable chintzware to add to my collection.  One day, these little beauties appeared: 

It’s a rare and fanciful pattern from Grimwades Royal Winton (c. 1930-1934) called "Pebbles."  The plates, so pretty with the different shade of yellow and black trim, were just begging me to make something lemony to serve on them.

Just days later, I saw this recipe on “JUST A PINCH” from a user in Illinois who said that these were her daughter’s favorite muffins as a little girl:

And, just days after that, I made these:

I had walnuts, but I decided not to use them.  The muffins are good, but the recipe needed a little something else, so the next time, I will add lemon thyme from my garden.   I may make a cupcake version with a buttery lemon frosting.


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