Friday, November 25, 2011

The A&P Pasta Bowl

Sometimes you leave moms with more than a full belly and leftovers on Thanksgiving! My mom gave me this gorgeous pasta bowl that belonged to my beloved Italian Grandmom. I have fond recollections of countless ravioli and pasta dinners served in this bowl…how I miss those days! If my siblings and cousins remember this bowl, do chime in! It has a little crack in it but I don’t care….I’ll use it anyway and think of my Grandmom each time.

The stamp on the bottom says RRP & Co, Roseville, OH and my mom believes the bowl is over 60 years old. Sister found a vintage Roseville pasta bowl on ebay that is very similar to mine, The article Uncommon Clay: Ohio Art Pottery from the Paige Palmer Collection says "The secret of the company's success was its ability to produce hand decorated pieces along with commercial dinner wares and premiums for A&P Company."

My guess is that my Grandmom purchased this bowl at the A&P grocery store that used to be on Fairmount Avenue in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. I remember walking to the A&P with my Grandmom and playing on the Eastern State Penitentiary wall.

My Grandmom....just like I remember her!


Cathy said...

We had many a delicious spaghetti dinner served from that bowl. Fond memories of Grandmom !!!!!

Marysol said...

Lucky you!
It's a beautiful bowl, filled with wonderful memories.
May this gift be part of many more pasta dinners with your family!