Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Headboard

So, I see this bed in one of my favorite catalogs and I fall in love…with the bed. It came with a lofty price tag and considering S&H, it was prohibitive indeed, over $2,500...that's a lot of coin.

We know from previous posts that I have a cute talented Irish handyman, so I show him the picture in the catalog and asked if he could make a similar version. He said “Oh, that’s grand! I can certainly make the headboard.” I really only wanted the headboard but that option was not offered in the catalog.

Let the woodworking begin.

I need to acquire some power tools.

Himself chooses beautiful interlocking 5” pine strips and puts them together with 2x4's. Next, he created a template for the arched silhouette and cut the shape with a jigsaw. A bit of sanding and, voilà! I have the headboard of my dreams. I wish I had photos of the building process but he built it off site.

When he delivered my timbered treasure, I was beyond pleased. I distressed it a bit with a hammer, a chain and a pair of 3” black pumps and then stained it using Minwax Polyshades in rich a cherry to match some other furniture in the room. The faux distressing gives the wood a well-worn feel and the knots in the pine, accentuated by the stain, add variety, depth and a bit of chic imperfection.

The inspiration piece is made of reclaimed Douglas Fir and boasts weather wear and old nail holes. As you can see, it is quite lovely, albeit expensive. I had it in my shopping cart more than once but simply could not justify the expense. I like my homemade version just as well...the curves are not as defined, and are longer, sleeker (that was purposeful) and - BoNuS - it was cheaper. The entire cost of the project was $292.21, which included the $7.21 for the stain!


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