Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blue Hens

As you read in my gravy post, and after a brief interlude courtesy of Hurricane Irene, youngest daughter left for college. There are times, like when I look at her face and still see the adorable little toddler singing along to a news radio theme (the KYW theme…it was very cute) that I say “it can’t be” and then there are other times, when I say to myself “go, already”… like when I realize I only have five forks left in the silverware drawer because she has accidently thrown the rest away (I know this because I fished one out of the trash can one day). Regardless, time and the calendar have made the departure choice for us and I am happy and excited for her new adventure….besides, she’s only 31.9 miles and 45 minutes south on I-95.

I am looking forward to football games, parent weekends, visits home, cooking for her and homesick roommates and Facetime chats…but not so much the dreaded tuition bill! I knew she made the right college choice when, during our Italian adventure, I saw this beautiful Murano Glass Blue Hen, the mascot of the University of Delaware, in a Venice shop. What’s it called… Kismet? Serendipity?

So, the college paraphernalia gathering began earlier in the summer and the packing marathon began last Wednesday. We all know how much I depend on “To Do” lists and both Target and BED BATH & BEYOND offered great check lists to make sure the college bound (and their parents) did not forget anything. As you can see from the pile in the photo below, I think we are good! Older daughter arrived with reinforcements, and by reinforcements I mean the Subaru Forrester (best car ever) because, bless her heart, we will not fit all this shit these necessary items in the Mini. We were organized and neat and this made it easy to pack the car quickly and efficiently….in less than 15 minutes.

It’s just me, this old house, and a dog named Stella.

Unless you count the ants.

Now I can put the new silverware away. Beautiful hammered pattern from Oneida.


Stuff (notice Stella with a "Hey, what's going on here!" look)

Packed car

Daughter and stuff in dorm room

Typical dorm hall on move-in day.

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