Thursday, June 23, 2011

Twisted Black Cow

The Black Cow – Root Beer and Vanilla Ice Cream – reminds me of the kitschy car-hop/drive-up restaurants popular in the 50’s and 60’s. As a kid, I LOVED going to WEBER’S Famous Root Beer on Route 38 in Pennsauken, New Jersey. We would anticipate opening day just as eagerly as we anticipated the last day of school or the start of the Phillies season (they weren’t a winning team back then). Going to WEBER’S was a total treat….we would arrive in my father’s fancy 67 starlight blue Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with a black vinyl top and despite the “don’t spill anything” admonitions, for the time it took to drink the creamiest root beer ever, we were in carbonated heaven.

Until one of the kids knocked the tray off the window and my dad would start cursing. He did not have many vices…that was one of them.

So this past Sunday, sister, older daughter and I planned an outing to WEBER’S to have lunch, drink a Black Cow and take photos…for this post. The Cutlass is long gone (too bad, it was nice car), but my sister’s Chevy Something served as an eager substitute. We did see a vintage T-Bird while we were there…gorgeous and in mint condition!

I asked sister and older daughter if people thought I was a famous reporter as I was snapping photos…they said they probably thought I was a tourist. I should have brought my notebook and interviewed the waitress…that would have added credibility.

Anyway, the Black Cow is a classic drink that is hard to improve upon, but I decided to give it a little twist…

Twisted Black Cow

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt
2 teaspoons of chocolate syrup
1 heavy splash of cherry syrup, such as Torani (the TWIST)
1 can/bottle of Root Beer – I like Stewarts, Weber’s or A&W

Fill a mug with the ice cream or frozen yogurt, add the chocolate syrup and the cherry syrup, fill the glass with root beer.

And there you have it, a Twisted (cherry) Black (root beer) Cow (ice cream) . YUM. When it blends together…totally delicious.

Black Cow is also the name of a Steely Dan song….pretty sure that the Black Cow they sing about sported more than ice cream and root beer. Listen to it here.


Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

Oh man, this sounds wonderful! If only I had ice cream left, I think I ate the rest of it last night.

I'm hosting a weekly link-up, Sweet Tooth Friday, I hope you'll stop by and share your recipe.

Our Italian Kitchen said...

This sounds great! Love it! Looks great! ~Your Newest Follower

Marysol said...

The Twisted Black Cow (love the name) looks and sounds delicious!

Confession: I've never tried Torani syrups—I know, where have I been? But this gives me an excuse to check them out.

Joann said...

Allison -- I posted on Alli-n-Son
Italian -- Thanks for following!
Marysol -- Torani syrups are great...try them with some club soda or sparkling water as well!
Thanks all! -- Joann

Mary's Corner said...

Sounds really good..I'm going to make these tomorrow for my family, can't wait...Love the song too...: )

KnitOne, PearlOnion said...

Let me know how you like it, Mary!

Cathy said...

The food, root beer and Black Cow were yummy. Loved the company as well. This post brought back some fond memories.

Joann said...


Alvin Bruning said...

Nice web site!
Would like to know if you have any more pictures of the Weber's Root Beer Stand in OKC. I used to work there and would like to have copies if possible.

Thank You!