Sunday, January 16, 2011

Doggie Sweater

My sweater is coming along – really – but to reinforce the fact that I do know how to knit (notice there is no adverb like well, expertly or good) and to keep my adorable Boston Terrier protected from hyperthermia (ok, maybe an exaggeration), I decided to knit an easy doggie sweater this weekend. Now, when I say adorable to describe my dog, this is a relative term. My dog’s name is Stella which means star, and if she doesn’t stop pooping and peeing in the house, she may “star” in a doggie depends commercial. She is sassy and willful but also loyal, lovable and very amusing. Doesn't this picture scream...."I'm cold...stop taking pictures and open the door, damn it!"

We love our pets…but WE live with THEM, at least in my house.

So….I have a whole bin full of yarn in the basement (why buy new?!) and I searched for enough of the same type yarn for the entire doggie sweater project. I found a soft acrylic/merino (65/35%) wool blend, grey with flecks of color that I thought would knit up nicely and also be easy to wash – remember the poopie problem! The yarn is also a bit bulkier, so it will be warm.

I found a great pattern on and I post the link here:

Lion Brand Yarn Easy Doggie Sweater

This sweater was super-easy to make...maybe a total of three hours. The back (which is the top of a doggie sweater) is all knit with decreasing rows towards the top (for leg holes) and the under piece is worked the same way…then both pieces are sewn together.

Basic Instuctions

Knit back and under piece

Tread a large eye blunt needle

Sew pieces together

Put on dog! Well now, she does not look happy for some reason?!

Pattern note: The next time I make this, I will make the under piece a bit wider towards the top by beginning to decrease at 5 1/2" instead of 4 1/2"...Stella's chest isn't fully covered as it is currently knitted and I want her to be as warm as possible!

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Cathy said...

OMG she looks so cute and not a bit annoyed. Glad to see some knitting going on :o)