Friday, January 28, 2011

Go Ask Alice...

Hey...check out this post that appeared on my "Daily Candy" update. It's like having your own personal "Alice" to help you plan parties! Remember Alice from the Brady Bunch...can't remember her boyfriend's name but I do remember he was a butcher...anyone?

Daily Candy

Dinner Party Blueprints from Apples & Onions
"You don’t need to break out Grandmum’s silver and light the candlelabra to host a nice dinner — but you may need to put away the ketchup packets.

Apples & Onions Dinner Party Blueprints, the new service from personal chefs Lydia Ellison Howerton and Sarah Lagrotteria, is your road map to party time.

The result of a deep affection for throwing small dinners of their own, years of catering large-scale events, and some serious culinary prowess (we’ve been dreaming of the breakfast panino on their blog), Blueprints are essentially easy-to-follow parties in a box.

You name the theme, budget, number of guests, and give a heads up on any dietary restrictions, and they’ll send back a tidy little file containing decor ideas, a detailed timeline, master grocery list, a custom menu, a signature cocktail or wine recommendations, and recipes, so you can pull the whole thing off. Available online at, $100."

Image of Alice from Google Images


Stephanie said...

Sam the butcher!

KnitOne, PearlOnion said...

Oh, yes! Thank you, Stephanie.