Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ninja Needles

So, the timid knitter of the group was sitting on a train (heading to DC) knitting one of the baby hats we talked about…next to her was a 20-something young lad who the timid knitter could see was guardedly eyeing the flailing foursome of needles (she has enough trouble with two needles when two more are introduced, we have quite a site, let us tell you) and wondering “what the hell is she doing?” The look on his face was bewildering indeed…timid knitter dropped her yarn at some point and young lad must have thought “I’m not going anywhere near those needles” because he did not budge to offer assistance (otherwise, he may have because he looked like a “fine, upstanding young man” – TRIVIA: can anyone name the song (and the artist) in which these words appeared? This seemed logical to timid knitter who, when she got home that evening, embarked on a “Google” journey to find an easier tool.

A search entitled “12 inch circular needles” produced such a tool – the “AMAZING addi TURBO” circular needles….”the fast needle with the natural touch…available in 8 convenient lengths” (hmmmm…never mind). Despite the uber-advertising and her promise (to attempt) to spend money only on necessities during Lent (she rationalized these needles as a necessity – after all, the babies needed hats), timid knitter ordered the needles. Much to the timid knitter’s glee, the needles arrived on Saturday (see picture) and, they are quite the (little) doohickey. The more-standard 16 inch circular needles are too large to knit a hat small enough for a tiny baby (hence the ninja needles) and their smaller counterparts are perfect, just as the packaging suggests. Timid knitter just started a project on these “amazing” little needles, so we will post a picture later.

Last night, we had dinner at the architect’s house. She made semolina gnocchi with a light tomato sauce (absolutely delicious), spring mix, grape, goat cheese and pine nut salad, and homemade lemon-filled cupcakes (YUM), lovingly contributed by the accomplished knitter.

We thought a lesson on how to make these delectable little dough balls would be a fabulous idea, so…
Step #1 - Sprinkle semolina in milk and butter
Step #2 - Let simmer for 15-20 minutes
Step #3 - Remove from heat and beat in more butter and egg yolks
Step #4 - Add cheese and spread on a cold surface about ½” thick and sit for two hours
Step #5 - Cut out circles and place in a buttered oven dish with cheese, more butter and nutmeg (we know, lots of butter, but oh so good!)
Step #6 - Drink copious amounts of wine
Step #7 - Bake for 20 minutes at 425
Step #8 - Drink more wine and enjoy

More snow forecasted for our area…..comfort food may be in order!

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