Friday, April 17, 2015

A "That Thing You Do" Kind of Shower

Older Daughter’s bridal shower was this past Sunday.  It was at my home and after some major furniture rearranging and chair renting/borrowing, we turned my family room into a mini banquet hall for 30 guests.  The theme was “The 60’s” and the whole affair went off without a hitch thanks in large part to Sister (who took wonderful photos), Younger Daughter, Niece and the other bridesmaids.

Let me explain the 60’s theme.  Older daughter and her then friend, subsequent boyfriend and now fiancé (and soon to be husband in seven short weeks!) bonded over the music from the movie That Thing You Do (remind me to write Tom Hanks a thank you note) so what better theme to build a party around than the thing that got it all started!

We tried to pay attention to every detail…the colors paid homage to the movie colors and we all wore "Shades" to greet the'll understand that reference if you watch the music video above.  We served dishes popular in the 60’s including fondue and green bean casserole, along with other party favorites like meatballs and gravy, baked ziti, and quiche.  Many dishes were served in old Corning Ware dishes that Sister found on-line!  
There was a throw-back candy bar that included Mary Jane’s, Candy Dots, Mello Cups, Charms, Swedish Fish, Goetz Caramels and Malted-Milk Balls.  
Prizes for those who won the games we played (including guessing the price of things in the 60's) included mini VW buses, record album socks, martini glasses (complete with tiny bottle of Grey Goose and olives)...
...and a compact case with a daisy popular in the 60's won by one of Older Daughter's co-workers! 
We spun records on a real record player (it was so good to hear Bobby Sherman again).  
We made bowls out of old record albums....
....and flowers out of old 45’s to include in our centerpieces….you can learn about how to make them here!  
For props, there was a vintage radio, much like the one Guy Patterson convinces two future band-mates to buy in exchange for his drumming prowess and posters from the movie.  
And perhaps the cutest idea of all, we used old record albums as plate chargers….Younger Daughter’s idea.   The guest sitting at the Bobby Sherman album won a prize!
We served cupcakes on a cup stand stand made out of old record albums.  How stinking cute is that?!
Coffee was perked in a honest-to-goodness stovetop percolator.
Daughter received many lovely gifts but perhaps the nicest gift of all was sharing the moment with people that mean so much to her.  It was a wonderful day and I can barely wait for the June 12th wedding!!

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Victoria Salvucci said...

How utterly charming! Good job, Mom!