Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Heart Wreath

I get a lot of emails. 

On purpose. 

I subscribe to many blogs and I scan them for interesting content and ideas that I can customize and make my own.  Every now and again I find inspiration, like this lovely wreath from a Home and Garden Center called Terrain.

I was immediately attracted by its simplicity and meager, but charming collection of botanical beauties, strategically situated on a pretty pussywillow wreath. Terrain offered instructions on how to make the gilding using real flowers but I thought I would try using silk counterparts. 

It would be just as beautiful and last longer.

So, off I trotted to Pier One and Joann’s. 

I purchased several artificial pussywillow branches, silk mini Roses, Ranunculus, flowering Rosemary, and green Hellebore. 

I also purchased floral wire and wire cutters from the best old-fashioned hardware store ever, Deals, in Media, PA.  Older daughter would argue that the Stanley's True Value Hardware on Ridge Avenue in Philadelphia is the best traditional hardware store ever but that debate is not important to this tale.

So here’s what you do:

Clip off two of the pussywillow branches to the same size and form them into the shape of a Bass clef.  These will become the left and right side of a heart….a long, thin heart looks pretty. 

Note:  If using fresh branches, the Terrain instructions say to form each branch into a teardrop, attach some wire to the bottom and let each fresh branch shape overnight.

Using floral wire, attach at both tips.

Lay the heart down and decide where you’d like to place the flowers.

Attach the flowers with floral wire.


I will make a real one when the flowers are in season.  This wreath, whether the flowers are real or silk, is the prettiest little thing ever, don't you think?!  

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