Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Table

So, one day way back in 2012, I’m browsing through eBay looking for something unusual and I see this table:

Hmmm, says Herself.

It’s an Eastlake table and I have a few similar pieces in my house.  If you look closely at the bottom, it appears to have water damage, which perhaps lessened its value (to some) and explains why it was selling for a song.


I planned to have the lovely Linda of FuNkYFuRniTuRe work her magic on it anyway.

Eastlake furniture – so named for its namesake, British architect Charles Eastlake – was made during the Victorian era and is identified by its rich wood, intricate carvings, moldings and other geometric details.  Some consider the modern gothic-esque furniture garish, but I consider it downright stunning.  If this piece were not water damaged, I never would have painted it!  

Fast forward to summer 2013 and I reconnect with my FuNkYFuRniTuRe friend and hand the table over to her with little instruction other than I love what she did with this similar piece:

I trust her…she knows me and my style and after all, her motto is “paint it happy!” 

I anxiously waited for the masterpiece to be complete and when I finally got the facebook message that the piece was ready to be delivered, I was downright gleeful.  My glee was trumped only by sheer elation when I saw the finished piece of art:
There are…



Flowers and Baubles…

Dots and Stripes…

Scrolls and Scallops.

Everything I adore and just the fanciful stuff every happy painted piece of furniture should have.  AND...the top is RED! You can see my other pieces that Linda painted here and hereVisit FuNkYFuRniTuRe's facebook page here.

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