Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lemon Ricotta Cookies

So, I’m strolling through Target and I ramble over to the food section.

I just love that Target sells groceries…it’s like one-stop-shopping.  Now if only Pennsylvania would allow liquor sales in other than Commonwealth controlled Wine and Spirit Stores…that would facilitate the Saturday morning errand hat trick.

Anyway, I walk by the Giada De Laurentiis For Target section (because, as we all know, Target is all about the designer signature sections and Giada is completely adorable) and I see a box of Lemon Ricotta Cookie Mix.

....and YUM.
The nicely-designed box says “add your own fresh lemon and ricotta cheese.”  Okay, this falls nicely into my kind of homemade rule…taking something that’s premade and gussying it up to make it better your own.

In the cart it goes. 
It was my turn to bring dessert to last Wednesday night’s soirée (which was really onTuesday last week) and these would be perfect. I had planned to make Bacon-Bourbon Apple Pie and that will have to wait for Thanksgiving when we can give appropriate thanks for bacon…and bourbon.

There is no recipe other than to follow the instructions on the box, but if you wanted to make these cookies from scratch, here is G’s recipe.  

I served with a dollop of ricotta cheese....the creamy hint of cheese and the smooth texture of the ricotta made for the perfect accompaniment! These. Are. So. Damn. Good.

There’s a tip on the box that says “use an ice cream scoop to place dough on the cookie sheet”….great minds think alike.  I've been doing that for years!

That night Architect made a Roasted Chicken with ParmesanRoasted Butternut Squash as a side dish.  The butternut squash, with the creamy, sage-infused sauce, is the perfect dish to welcome Fall.  It would be a definite hit on the Thanksgiving table.  Absolutey delicious!

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