Thursday, July 4, 2013

Trash Pickers: Swarthmore 4th of July Edition

A few weeks ago, younger daughter says to me… “Mom, I need a narrow bookcase to fit next to my desk to hold my printer, books and some other things.”

She’s creating vertical storage (my sister taught me the concept of "vertical storage") because, if you recall, she drew the last straw and occupies the smallest room in her house on University of Delaware’s campus that she shares with three other girls. I tell her that we can probably find something pretty reasonably priced at that big Swedish superstore with the yellow and blue logo.

We were planning a trip. 

Then I went for a run.

During my last quarter mile, I see a large object lying on the ground ahead at the curb.  In these parts, that usually means that someone has discarded a perfectly functional furniture item of some sort.  It amazes me the shit stuff that people discard.
 Upon closer inspection, it was this narrow bookcase! 

I was downright gleeful.

It is in perfect condition, although quite dull and dreary.  Without further delay, I hightailed it home (I forgot to stretch after my run and I’m going to pay for that later) and dart into the house to tell younger daughter to skedaddle over to scene of the sighting to see if she was interested.  She was and we promptly loaded the bookcase into her car and then drove straight to Home Depot.

I have mentioned on several occasions how much I love Home day, maybe I’ll apply for a job.

Anyway, younger daughter decides she wants to paint her newly trash-picked treasure a nice shade of blue and she chooses a lovely Behr color called “Ocean Boulevard,” number PPU13-10.  We purchase the paint and a few implements and we head home to begin the transformation. 
I love DIY projects....especially when it's saving me money.

Halfway through, younger daughter says, “hey mom, do you have any of the paint left you used to paint that red cabinet….I’d like to add a pop of color.”  I locate the red paint and we continue on with our little 4th of July project.

And here is the finished work of art…my friend Linda would be pleased.  Younger daughter’s friend Maddie would be proud of her trash-picking prowess.  My wallet is very thankful.  It's downright drab-to-fab gorgeous, unique....and functional.  We still have to drill a hole in the back for her printer wires.

So, for the cost of a quart of paint -- $12.58 – and my sore hamstrings because I forgot to stretch after my run, younger daughter has a beautiful new, custom bookcase….certainly better than the cooker-cutter option!  I knew there was a good reason I began to run around the 'hood.

UPDATE:  Here's our masterpiece in younger daughter's the perfect place, nice and snug as a bug, just as she imagined.  Notice the fancy dresser in the lower right hand can read about that here. Don't you just love when things work out!?


JoAnne McGahan said...

very entertaining as usual Joann! and I love the new bookcase - looks great! Good for your daughter and your wallet

KnitOne, PearlOnion said...

Thank you, JoAnne! I was very happy for this find!