Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Fancy Dresser

As I explained before in this post, my house is a hodge-podge of nothing really matches but everything goes.  Some with a more traditional style may describe my decorating approach as interesting; I prefer to think of it as seemingly disparate things blending together harmoniously. Neither shabby chic or kitschy, just colorful and a bit unusual.  Both daughters seem to have inherited my ability to selectively embellish…I hope that’s a good thing.

As an example, younger daughter moved into a house at the University of Delaware.  She is a rising junior and I understand that moving off-campus is typically what juniors and seniors do.  I was a commuter student, so I don’t know about these things.  Anyway, she needed a dresser for her room and the dressers in the room she inhabited while she lived at home are built-ins so they would be difficult to move.  Not wanting to break the bank on a cookie-cutter piece of furniture, I turned to my friend Linda at FuNkY FuRniTuRe. Linda’s motto is “Paint it Happy.”  She turns tired tables into treasures and battered bureaus into beautys.  Every piece is unique.

So, here is the piece before Linda went to work with her magic paintbrush.  As you can see, this chest of drawers is a tired old girl.  It is still perfectly functional and, since it’s a deco piece from the 1940’s, it has good bones.  

Now this is the after piece!  Isn’t she gorgeous!? 

The first thing I noticed – because I notice these things – is that there are no drawer pulls and that’s because there are little carve-outs underneath each drawer to pull from.

I wish I could say that I had a favorite aspect of this piece, but I don’t, I love the entire work of art…

…the harlequin pattern and the scallops…

…the fun treatment on the top which is craft paper and modge podge…

...the way fanciful little flowers dance around the entire piece framed by a whimsical checkerboard pattern.

This is only a sampling of Linda’s talents.  If you want to see more,  you can visit her facebook page at FuNkY FuRniTuRe and LIKE it to receive updates on her artsy antics!

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