Saturday, February 16, 2013

Neighborhoods of Philadelphia - Port Richmond Edition

Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods. I have a  great tee shirt that illustrates this nicely…all the Philly neighborhoods are listed inside the LOVE symbol  This shirt is available at Aphillyated.

A couple of Saturdays ago my sister and I spent a chilly but sunny afternoon in the Port Richmond section of our city. Our final destination was a little shop called Something Special, but before that we had brunch at a charming little café called “hinge” at the corner of Somerset and Edgemont.   I wondered about the name until I entered the restaurant and saw a huge hinge inlayed in the tile floor.

I didn't know what came first...did the existing tile inlay inspire the name or did the name inspire the tile inlay, so in typical me style, I asked.  The owner T. Deluca and her then partner, Simone, wanted to open a café that catered to the local non-profit art community that would also serve to create a synergy with and “hinge” the neighborhood together, hence the clever name.  So, the cafe name inspired the inlay hinge in the floor – that is actually wood – made by a friend and local artist.   
After a little wait for a table – during which the wait staff offered coffee (a nice touch) –we were seated at an antique desk that doubled as a table, surrounded by the art work mentioned above.

I ordered a Florentine Bennie, a take on traditional eggs Benedict only loaded with spinach as well as the traditional ingredients of a hot, buttered English muffin, two perfectly poached eggs, and a creamy hollandaise sauce. 

I ate every bit of that Bennie! Sister had Monte Cristo French toast and as the name suggests it’s a twist on the traditional sandwich only served French toast style with jam. 

Visit “hinge” at Somerset and Edgemont Streets and like them on facebook here.

After lunch we visited the delightful little shop owned by a group of sister's friends, Something Special located at 2558 E. Somerset Street (Somerset and Almond Streets) in Philadelphia.  Each artist makes a different craft, the fruits of which they sell at the store. Additionally, they offer the work of other artists such as knitters, crocheters, candle, soap and jewelry makers. I bought an absolutely delicious aromatherapy soy lavender candle.
 Also, while walking around, I spotted this little gem and it prompted an immediate memory of a knitted sweater my girls used to wear as little ones.

So much to choose from:
Pillowcase dresses – how cute!

Baby sweaters
Seasonal door and wall ornaments


This is a wonderful little shop operated by the nicest, most down-to-earth group of women...the type that would do anything for you and the kind of people that make Philly a great place to be and live! Next time you're in Port Richmond, pay them a visit!  Like Something Special on facebook here.

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Anonymous said...

Joann - love the Hinge! My friends and I go there often, more for dinner, but have been there for brunch as well. I've never stopped in the Something Special store even though I pass by there practically all week. I will have to make a point to stop in. Thanks for this blog.