Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Designer Show House

Due to various engagement conflicts, instead of our usual Wednesday evening dinner, Foodie, Singer and I decided to pay a visit to the Community Arts Center DESIGNER SHOW HOUSE.  The house, Fishing Rock Farm – named for a popular fishing hole – is located in Media, PA and is an absolutely stunning multi-designer renovation project. The elegant farmhouse built in 1928 by EK Crothers, sits on 5 acres overlooking Ridley Creek. The entrance off of the main road leads to a cute little wooden bridge, flanked by two beautiful stone pillars.  The bridge could only be more adorable if it were an elfin covered bridge!

I was super excited!

Until my camera died.

Too bad, but….

….thank goodness my iPhone saved the day!  Athough the photographs are nice, I was not able to capture some of the delightful nuances of this yesteryear masterpiece.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy the vicarious snapshot tour of this lovely home!

Grand Staircase and Entrance Hall, Savery Design

A Bibliophile’s Study, PVM Designs

The Salon/Living Room, Turnkey Spaces. 

Love the painting in this room!

Camelot, Dining Room.  Simply Divine Interiors.

An Artful Transition, First Floor Porch. Decorating Den Interiors. My favorite room.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the metal root chairs!

In Bloom Nursery, Jane Eustace Interior Design.

Elegant English Retreat – Master Suite, Maria V. Nelson Interiors.

Home Office, Michele Plachter Design.

“Framed: - Second Floor Enclosed Porch, Barlow Tyrie Inc.

Back Hall, C Barry Marron, Embellisher.  I love the detail of the wallpaper on the ceiling.  Pieces cut and installed asymmetrically.  Fabulous.

Sewing Room, Janice Martin Couture

Kitchen, Michael Shannon Designs.  My second favorite room.  I adore the wall paper…colors, scale, everything about it!
Love the window blinds...they remind me (in a good way) of those in my Grandmom's house!

This was a monumental enterprise….Bravo CAC, bravo!
We stopped and had a glass of wine and dinner at Piccasso's afterwards. Met several other Showcase house visitors there! A wonderful evening.


Heidi S. said...


Thanks for posting the photos! It has been on my list to get over there, but with 2 small kids it has been almost impossible. It is so intriguing with the bridge entrance. I also LOVE the wallpaper in the kitchen.

KnitOne, PearlOnion said...

You're welcome, was quite lovely!

Rene Veeravalli said...

Wonderful pictures! These can serve as inspiration to those who want to make their homes more eye-catching. The window blinds caught my attention. Its simplicity makes it brilliant to look at. It goes well with the artistic print on the wall as well.

Larry Cohen said...

The porch is fantastic. Those large windows are perfect for the beautiful lawn. I wonder how overwhelming it is to watch the sunrise, or the sunset, while you relax on those metal chairs. Well, if I own that place, I'll let the chairs face the windows. In that way, I can enjoy the view much better.

Larry @ South FL Home Remodeling