Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lily of the Valley... Bulbs

I am always on the prowl for different and creative ways to display my favorite flower, Lily of the Valley.

When I bought my house in Swarthmore, I had no idea that the front and back yards were filled with these little lovelies and when they bloomed the next spring, I was beyond ecstatic. For about a month each spring, I take pleasure in these sweetly scented, bell-shaped beauties and showcase them in my house every chance I get!

Some of my yearly clippings always embellish the bonnet of my cherished hat-lady vase, while others crave a glitzier, less customary destination.

Read on...

I first saw the idea for this year's Lily of the Valley display on Pinterest. There were several re-posts of the inspiration so I am unable to credit the original crafter….I apologize in advance. I bet it was Martha.

This was not my idea, but as with many things, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so I am happy to flatter!

1. Gather your burned-out traditional light bulbs. Clear ones work best.
2. With some sharp wire cutters, poke a hole in the screw-in part of the bulb and then cut around the edge of the perimeter.
3. Using the tip of the wire cutters, carefully extract the bulb guts...this may take some maneuvering! Some extractions go more smoothly than others...I wear a garden glove on the hand holding the bulb just in case the bulb breaks.
4. Wrap some light-gauge wire around screw-in part of the bulb and then fashion a hook. I got my wire at Target.
5. Fill the "bulb vase" with water, add your flowers and display!

How totally awesome is that!? Hang from a chandelier or a candle-holder centerpiece.

Although environmentally more friendly, this idea won’t work as well with an energy smart bulb!

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