Friday, February 17, 2012

Oven Roasted Sea Bass

We had dinner at Foodie’s house on Wednesday and she served Black Sea Bass filets that she prepared with a light brush of olive oil, seasonings and blood oranges and then roasted for about 20 minutes at 350º. She served these little lovlies with leeks (on which the fish sat while baking) accompanied with basmati rice prepared with coconut oil, fresh ginger and fried shallots.

Wikipedia explains that the “black sea bass is an exclusively marine or saltwater fish that inhabits the coasts from Maine to NE Florida and the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Sea bass spend most of their time close to the sea floor and are often congregated around bottom formations such as rocks, man-made reefs, wrecks, jetties, piers, and bridge pilings.”

Although Foodie baked the bass we devoured, this tender and flakey white meat fish is delicious grilled as well. Sea Bass is an extra lean fish with a subtle flavor that can be accentuated by any number of herbs, spices, fruits or vegetables. It is often referred to as the fish equivalent to chicken breasts, making it perfect for fish tacos, tossed with pasta and topped on a salad.

When Foodie was in our local Co-Op buying the Sea Bass she asked the fishmonger if he had any fish bones because she wanted to make fish stew….he gave her the skeletal remains of a Striped Sea Bass. We had some of that beautiful bottom-dweller as well!

We also enjoyed a delicious field green salad with strawberries and raspberries and a delightful bottle of French red wine. My assignment was dessert….watch for that post in a few days!

Black Sea Bass image from Google.

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