Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Red Roof

As you know from a previous post, I collect chintzware and I absolutely love the different patterns and colors of my collection. I routinely search ebay for special additions to my compilation and found the sweetest little creamer and sugar bowl. Most of my pieces come from England, New Zealand or Australia, but this particular set came from Illinois.

I was not familiar with the Red Roof pattern and found little on-line and nothing in my chintz book. So, I emailed Royal Winton to ask about the Red Roof pattern and the very prompt and polite Lorraine responded that “our old Royal Winton records are very limited, but I can tell you that the Red Roof Pattern was manufactured in the 1930's pattern number 7363 and it was hand painted.” The peachy-pink background makes the wooden fence, orange lilies, purple/white verbenas and green foliage pop! How lovely.

This pattern is very charming and I am thrilled with my most recent acquisition!



Oh now this is a darling set! I collect them too, but mostly from thrift stores and yard sales! thanks so much for sharing!

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Happy Pink Saturday!
Ciao Bella!



I'm now following you, btw...and I must say that I love your clever and funny blog title! lol

ciao again!

Creative Carmelina

Joann said...

Thank you, my dear! Visited CC and following back!

LV said...

That is a very pretty pattern. I have not seen many pieces like it.