Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

If I didn’t live so close to and love Philadelphia, I would want to live in Boston. I am struck by the charm and history of the city and the delightful accent is as clearly recognizable as that of Philly or New York.

One of my favorite classes in college was Sociolinguistics…it’s the study of the relationship between language and society. Regional accents developed in the United States partly as a result of the country from where settlers immigrated. For instance, the East coast dialect was highly influenced by Puritan English, Italian, Irish and other Eastern European immigrants, the Midwest by German and Scandinavian immigrants, parts of the South by those from Scotland, Ireland, and Western England (Shakespeare’s English). The western part of the United States is a somewhat neutral, blended mix of rest of the country. I took this class as a senior in college, and I would have changed my major if I’d taken it sooner! Fascinating stuff.


In the mid 1800’s, Boston’s then Parker House Hotel is credited with serving the first Boston Cream Pie, a creation of their French chef, M. Sanzian. As you all know, this pie is really a yummy combination of yellow cake, custard and chocolate glaze. So, this past weekend while thinking about a dessert to serve to mother, sister and older daughter who came for dinner.....

....I opened my cupboards and discovered a bottle of chocolate glaze and a yellow cake mix. You know, thought she, if I got some instant pudding cups, I could make quick and easy Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes, and that’s exactly what I did.

First, I baked the cupcakes and with a wooden spoon handle, poked a hole in each one. I could have used my apple corer but I couldn’t find it and was too lazy to look any harder than opening the drawer and moving a few things around.

Then, I filled a sandwich bag with the contents of two pudding cup containers and snipped the corner and I piped pudding into each cupcake.

Next, I frosted. Sister suggested I fill a shallow dish with the chocolate glaze and dip each cupcakes to frost…that worked very well.

Then, we ate them. Easy, smeasy (and a little fancy) Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes!


Carol at Serendipity said...

They look wonderful. I think Boston Cream Pie was about the first dessert I made when I first got married and I used a mix (maybe Betty Crocker) and everything was in the box.

Have a great weekend.


Marelie said...

wow..I love eating Boston Cream Doughnuts and a cupcake.It got me so excited.I am grabbing your recipe.Thanks a lot.I am also your new follower.I hope you could come over and see my place.I write about Filipino Food mostly.

Joann said...

They were yummy indeed, Carol! Thanks for following, Marelie! I will visit cookie droplets!

Nicole Feliciano said...

Thank you so much for sharing on Momtrends. I love checking out all the Friday Food submissions. I love how you got inspired by your cupboards--they came out super. Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.

criticsinmykitchen said...

These look fantastic! Great idea!