Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day dear readers!

The day was originally called Decoration Day because it was the day set aside to place flags and flowers on the graves of those who served our country. However, Memorial Day was officially proclaimed a holiday in May 1868 and at first, the day only commemorated Union and Confederate soldiers who died during the Civil War. By 1890, Congress proclaimed that the last Monday in May would honor all Americans who died fighting in any war.

The photo is of my father who was a WWII veteran. He returned safely from Europe, but many of his buddies, did not. Many others have not returned from subsequent conflicts and for their sacrifice, we are a grateful nation. If you see a soldier today, don't forget to say thank you!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe summer...I'm looking forward to it!


Cathy said...

Nice post Sis...if you look closely at the photo, at the left of Daddy's first button, you will see that he wrote "Love, Joe". He gave this photo to Grandmom. Happy Memorial Day everyone and say a prayer today that God keeps those fighting for our freedom safe and that all return home soon.

Joann said...

Drinking the beer sounds good too! I will ask my Architect friend if she prepared the chicken in any special way and post her answer!