Friday, April 1, 2011

The Accidental Knitter

I browse for many of my knitting ideas (sometimes that’s just what they remain – ideas…my projects occasionally sit for a spell because I am not a fast knitter). Regardless, there are some great patterns on the site. Some patterns are free, others require a nominal charge and a PDF of the pattern appears in your “favorites” on the site…did I mention that the site is like a knitter’s social network, complete with chats, favorites, shops, commentary, etc…? Sometimes (just when you think you found the perfect pattern), the site merely refers the knitting explorer to a periodical in which the pattern was published……this can be annoying, especially if the magazine was published in the last decade! Well, such was the case recently…however, not easily discouraged….I clicked a new tab, moseyed myself over to, typed in “knit simple fall 2008” and to my downright amazement, a copy appeared for sale! Since I have an account, I quickly purchased the available copy (before it sold out because you just never know who, besides me, might be searching for the Fall 2008 edition of Knit Simple).

This particular edition is a treasure trove of patterns and information. In addition to the pattern of my original desire, a SIMPLE V-neck vest, there are sweaters, swing jackets, scarves, crafts, felt bags, hats, gloves, etc…. Of course, there is information on knitting basics and a marketplace for knitting supplies and yarn. This is a delightful (and useful) publication.
I get a little frustrated when a pattern isn’t readily available on, but in this case, I was accidentally pleased because instead of just one pattern to simply print out on an 8 ½ x 11” sheet of plain, white paper, I received a book full of inspiration!

BTW…I have begun to knit the vest with a silky-bamboo blend yarn from Caron called “Spa” in a lovely pastel blue/green “Ocean Spray.” I know what you’re thinking.

Be nice.

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